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Well now...

2016-05-27 19:44:58 by DLyonsTheNewground

It's been TWO YEARS since I have joined Newgrounds! What a double-year it's been...

My profile picture is the half star.


Whats tomorrow?

2015-12-23 19:55:04 by DLyonsTheNewground

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and after Christmas Eve is Christmas!

Thisll be so exciting...


2015-10-30 19:17:59 by DLyonsTheNewground

Happy Halloween every-wan! I ya hope y'all get some candy and treats! Mwahahahahahahahahahaha!

Without deaths!

2015-08-12 15:00:53 by DLyonsTheNewground

Hi guys! Guess what, I beat The Incredible Fatigue Game without any deaths! How exciting could that be??

Hey, guys! I have updated "The Incredible Fatigue" game.


1. Added the jumping sound.

2. Fatigue screams when she falls to her death

3. Coin sound effect (and more coins for stages 1 and 4)

4. Debugged Level 7.

Making a new game

2015-08-06 21:13:32 by DLyonsTheNewground

Hi guys! Today, I'm making a new game called "Letterball"! It's a platforming game where a red ball with a white lowercase letter inside goes on for platforming adventures. So..... it's being in production, and when I finished the game making progress, I'll upload it to Newgrounds as possible as I can!


2015-07-28 23:47:15 by DLyonsTheNewground

Well... what game should I make and release? I really don't know...